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The Walls We Wear

The idea for The Walls We Wear came from anger about the wall along our southern border. I wondered what makes a person hate or see someone as “other”? It’s easy to blame others, but harder to accept the fact that I carry my own internal walls and biases. In ways known or unknown, I contribute to the systems and experiences that divide and hurt people. I have to start with me.

Our lived experiences shape our interior landscape. When these experiences are painful or traumatic, we erect psychological walls as protection, with us all the time, unseen but powerfully affecting our interactions with others. While often necessary, they can also divide us from each other. What if we brought them into the light, named them, wore them where we could see them, and began to tear them down?

The Walls We Wear is a book, a bracelet, and a sculpture. As a book, it serves as a record of walls we carry. As a sculpture, a visual reminder. As a bracelet, a tool for bringing attention and change through self-awareness.

2021, edition of 3, $400