Functional Clay Work

Rock Vases

Sitting at my dining room table with family life buzzing around me, I make these little bud vases. They are bits of focus and calm, they give my hands purpose, they bring the outdoors in. They take inspiration from rocks in my garden as well as the art of Ikebana. Small but strong, these vases actively direct the floral design rather than passively wait to be filled.

Bud Vases

Sometimes I can’t make it to my studio, so I keep some clay under the hutch in my dining room. When I have five minutes, or thirty, I slide it out, pinch up one of these, and find a minute of quiet focus. They make me think of little people, moving in and around each other. They love to be in groups together or fly solo, too! Sized just right for one or two little stems, these vases will hold fresh flowers or a clipping of dried stems for all year round display.