Sustainable Notebooks


Sustainably-made, these blank notebooks are made from repurposed cereal and snack boxes along with bindery scraps. Each cover is handpainted, starting with a fingerprint painting. The details are added using an ink pen. Because the images are painted and drawn rather than printed, each bug is slightly unique. The books are filled with 40 pages of Mohawk Superfine paper, which is a lovely paper for writing and drawing alike. The books are handsewn and measure 4″ x 6″ (A6).

Repurposed Wrappers

The bold design of these sustainable journals comes straight from the TP roll, literally. Looking for a way to reduce the waste in the recycling bin, the idea to repurpose the wrappers from these eco-friendly rolls from Who Gives a Crap seemed like a no-brainer. Handsewn with 40 pages of Mohawk Superfine paper, these books are equally great for writing and drawing. They measure 4″ x 6″ (A6).

Old School Notebooks

These eco-friendly blank notebooks are made from bindery scraps. Covered in natural linen bookcloth and filled with 22 bright yellow pages, these flexible books are perfect for throwing in a bag for drawing or writing wherever you go. Handsewn with a pamphlet-stitch, they measure 5.25″ x 8″.